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Garden Shed

Consult, Design, Install, Maintain


A consultation is a great way to explore and envision your edible landscapes! Consultations are in person and on site and are 1 to 1 1/2 hrs in time. During a consultation we discuss your goals and strategies to achieve them, walk the land and identify key elements of the landscape (such as existing fauna, sun angles and exposure, slope and water flow) and identify the best location for gardens, fruit/nut trees/shrubs and water management. The fee for this service is $200.

Site data can be obtained for your landscape using online databases, compiled in a PDF to discuss at the consultation. This includes a site map, prevailing winds, sun angles, topographic map, monthly rainfall averages, watershed information and soil profiles. The fee for this service is $100.



We use the Permaculture design process to create edible landscapes that are in harmony with the ecosystem and inhabitants of the site. Some designs can be done on site with minimal mapping needed. This is done through studying the landscape, conversations with the client and using landscape flags and simple sketches to mark out elements. 

Simple designs are offered when clarification is needed for a quote free of charge.

For those who wish to go deeper into the design process I offer in depth Permaculture Design in which we:


   -Begin with an on site consultation to meet the landscape and inhabitants and give the client an idea of what is possible

   -Identifying the clients goals, strengths, limitations and resources

   -Create a list of desired plants, livestock and landscape features for the site

   -Collect Site Data including sun angles, topography, prevailing winds, average precipitation, soil types and historical ecology of the site (if available)

   -Create a sector map showing the key factors influencing the design

   -Create a water map showing the flow of water through the landscape and how to manage it effectively

   -Create final design map with all of the design elements present

   -Include a written portion of design for any clarifications required

   -Take a final walk through of the site with the client with the design

Dragonfly Foodscapes produces "framework designs" in which all the main elements are mapped out while smaller elements such as fruit tree guilds, support plants, herbs and rain garden guilds are explained in the written section of the design or through concept pictures.

Please get in touch for pricing and process.


Ready to make the dream a reality?

Installations are quoted per project. Alternatively, clients may choose to higher Loggy's on a per/hr basis to assist them with their edible landscape project. Please get in touch to discuss.


Need some help to keep your landscape moving in the desired direction?

We work with clients to develop a maintenance plan for their foodscape.

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