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(Formerly Loggy's Edible Landscaping)




Food Forests

Whether you want just a few trees and herbs or a sprawling edible oasis we can design and install it for you! We create food forests that require minimal input and maintenance, produce food and medicine, offer habitat for pollinators and are beautiful spaces!


Vegetable Gardens

Want to grow your own veggies? There are many ways to incorporate vegetables into your landscape including raised beds!


Herb Spirals

Beautiful and functional- the herbs spiral creates the ideal growing space for your favorite herbs!


Swales and Rain Gardens

Protect our waterways and hydrate your landscape through managing storm water with swales and rain gardens!


Garden Features

Rustic, eclectic features to add to your landscape. Pergolas, benches, chicken coops and more!


Maintenance and Coaching

We are here to help make sure your edible landscaping project is successful through on going maintenance and/or on site coaching.

Image by K. Mitch Hodge

Meadows and Pollinator Habitat

Want something other than grass? Turn your lawn into a meadow or an ornamental garden bed into a flower-full pollinator habitat.


Design and Consultations

Don't know where to start? We offer design and on-sight consultations to explore the edible potential of your landscape.

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